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Free Auto Enrolment Advice

If your a local business in the North West and North Wales and are concerned with the potential pitfalls of Auto Enrolment, then contact Heritage Financial Solutions Ltd for a free Auto Enrolment review today. During this meeting we can provide the following free guidance:

  • Action plan with key dates
  • Minimum contribution levels and who will be enrolled
  • What to look for in a pension provider
  • How to setup the pension plans, e.g. full pay, basic payroll, new starter deferral....
  • How to integrate payroll and pensions
  • The best way to communicate to staff
  • How to avoid pitfalls and ultimately mistakes

We are Independent Financial Advisers based in North Wales with the experience of successfully getting companies and businesses through Auto Enrolment in the most cost effective way, whilst reducing any interruption to your normal daily operations.

To Book a Free Review call us today on 01352 770 845 or email us at info@heritagefs.co.uk

Preparation is Key

Directors & Business Owners will no doubt be aware of the sense of urgency surrounding the need to be prepared for the transition that is being thrust upon them. Preparation will allow you plenty of time to adjust, ensure your legal obligations are met and most importantly save you money!

The one major piece of advice that should be heeded is that burying your head in the sand and taking a risk that these regulations will somehow pass you and your business by, is going to end up costing you money. There are financial penalties being imposed for failing to comply with regulations before the deadline and your business could be hit with a fine of up to £500 for every single day beyond your time limit.

Finding the right pension is an intimidating process at the best of times so it makes perfect sense if you are a small business owner to call in some professional help in order to guide you through the process and make you aware of your options and obligations, so that auto-enrolment does not become a financial and administrative nightmare for your firm.

As an employer these are some of your key Responsibilities for Auto Enrolment:

• Setting up a pension scheme or modifying an existing one
• Making any necessary changes to payroll so it can handle the new requirements
• Putting systems in place to monitor the ages and earnings of your staff
• Writing to your staff.
• Auto enrol new staff
• Monitor the process every month
• Point of contact when your staff have questions - and they will!